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The Art of Garage Saling, or, Sandy and Chelsi’s Epic Day

I was planning to create a short bio about each of the members of my bridal party, but I think that I will tell you about them more incidentally instead.  The first bridesmaid to be featured will be Sandy.  Although Sandy and I have only known each other for a year and a half, it feels like we have been friends forever.  You know that friend that you have met who seems to have everything in common with you, and you wonder how you’ve never met before?  Well, that’s Sandy.  She teaches grade seven just down the hall from me, and though our teaching placements were the beginning of our friendship, our multiple common interests are at the heart of it.  How could I NOT be friends with someone who ALSO saw Titanic six times in the theatre, has a craft ROOM, and once raised a baby fawn?  To read our common interests list, you will, undoubtedly, mistake us for 77-year-old women, not 27-year-olds.  Case in point:  we love antiques, vintage shopping, old fabric and buttons, Martha Stewart, knitting/croqueting, decopaging, scrapbooking, garage saling, Matlock…(just joking about that last one.) We also think we might seriously take up lawn bowling, and that’s NOT a joke.

Sandy and I decided to go garage saling today. Little did we know that the Gods of Thrifting would be smiling upon us. It was pretty much the greatest day ever and although this isn’t completely wedding related, I did find quite a few wedding items.  Also, it was just such an amazing day that it warrants being documented!  I know, it seems crazy, but to me, garage saling is pretty much a sport…one that I’m good at because it doesn’t require any athletic skills lol. When I was young, I would go garage saling around Melville with my grandma, or on Friday nights and Saturday mornings with my family.  If there were garage sales in the neighbourhood, sometimes my parents would give my brother and I each a dollar or two.  We learned to haggle quickly and got the most bang for our buck at all times!  Thus, I’ve grown up garage saling, but I’ve never had a day like today. Sandy and I decided to go, and it was not only the perfect weather, but over 6 hours of total fun. This is why we endure Saskatchewan winters! This was my vehicle, The Tracker, at the end of the trip. Notice how the seats are down and the front seats are pushed as far forward as they’ll go. We FILLED it full!

To begin, we left our houses promptly at 10:30 on the most beautiful morning of 2010. We proceeded to go straight to the greatest antique sale of all time at the Tartan Curling Club. First find – this 50’s canister set that pretty much completes my life. It matches my kitchen perfectly, the font is amazing, and….it was $5. I would have paid $50. SCORE!

I still get really excited just looking at these pictures because I’m so in love with this set. Sandy and I quickly found that we were, BY FAR, the youngest people at the sale, but there was nothing wrong with that!

I found SO MANY items for the wedding that I had to go to the bank TWICE to get out cash :S. Sandy and I are pretty hardcore garage salers though, so we haggled and got great deals from almost every antique dealer. I got this tray (it’s really quite big) and a smaller one.

I found some fantastic antique jewellery for amazing deals too!

This is all really delicate plastic, and I’m going to make it into some part of my veil or into a clip.

Sandy and I returned to the antique sale after fueling up on iced tea and replenishing our funds, and I found one of my best finds of the day – PINK milk glass vases!!! I’ve looked everywhere for coloured milk glass, and these babies are going on the head table!

One of my other amazing finds was…A PYREX DISH SET IN MINT CONDITION, in rare robin’s egg blue, for an AMAZING deal of only $35 for sixteen pieces!  This is what I live for!  I collect vintage Pyrex, and this will go so well with the apple green set that I have! I’m using it, along with Sandy’s set, on the head table.

By this point, Sandy had also made a ton of awesome finds such as some blue Mason jars that she collects, a beautiful old glass lantern, an old Daguerreotype-style photograph, and the cutest light blue super old milking stool to name a few. We’re not sure why, but we loved these old Royal Bank bags. Apparently years ago, money was never rolled, but hauled loose in these bags. I’m going to attach straps and make it into a more practical bag. At this same booth, we creepily looked at Nazi memorabilia. I could barely look at it because I felt so weird just seeing it – helmets, badges, and everything with the swastika.  It was very unsettling.

I came across a bunch of BEAUTIFUL antique purses. I bought this one for myself, and my wonderful bridesmaids, don’t buy a purse for the wedding because I have a surprise for you all!

I also found a super mod 60’s purse that I couldn’t resist!

After a few hours at the antique sale, we headed to Tim Horton’s to refuel and had lunch in the park. After that, it was time to hit the garage sales around the city. Here’s a tip – choose the oldest areas in the city with the least amount of children and the highest population of the elderly. That’s where you get the goods. We started in our area.

I quickly found some nice milk glass and haggled some pretty awesome deals!

Over the course of the day, I managed to collect a lot. This is what I mean by the sheer luck we had. It’s rare to find more than a couple of pieces at VV or a garage sale, and I found LOTS today. I now have over 100 vases for the tables, thanks to my mom, Paul’s mom, and the help of my friends to collect them for me!  Thanks everyone!

Here is   of what I found. The amazing milk glass plates were from VV last week. I’m going to glue them to the top of the small vases to make cake stands.

After working our way through Arhneim, Broder’s Annex, Cathedral, and downtown, we decided to hit up Uplands. This is the site that we were met with on the corner of Broad and Uplands Drive. There were probably 30 signs. Jackpot!  At first, we decided to take a picture to document the insanity. Then, we actually found that zooming in on the addresses was faster than writing them all down. Even better – someone gave us a MAP of all of the houses with sales lol! This was well-planned and serious business in Uplands.

This was one of the best finds of the day at one of the last garage sales…5 BAGS FULL of old vintage jewellery pieces. They’re all mis-matched earrings, parts of brooches, broken necklaces, random clips, etc., but all really old and ready to be refurbished into new jewellery! I’m going to use it all to make my jewellery to sell! It was like bags of buried treasure that I got to sort out!

Over 6 hours later, the Tracker was full, we looked like horders, and we could only utter (through our excitement, of course!) “Poor Paul and Nick! Where are we going to put all of this stuff???” It was worth it though!  Sandy managed to contribute to the massive pile with a vintage wooden toolbox that she is going to convert to into a planter, an old cheese barrel that will be used as storage/an artistic piece, a glass bowl and plate set, an amazing vintage watering can for only $2, vintage buttons and fabric, some large glass jars, seashells, a vintage bill holder for the wall, and a vintage lunch pail.  Not bad, I’d say!

After all of the garage sales and hauling Sandy’s goods into her place, I realized that I had forgotten to go back to get a pair of mukluks from the antique sale that I had put on hold due to no more cash lol. I have looked for YEARS to a pair of vintage mukluks that were in good condition and fit me, always to no avail. FINALLY! I’m wearing them right now!

Here I am, attempting to haul the loot into Sandy’s house. This was, seriously, one of the most fun days! We want to do it again next week, but if we never have good luck garage saling again, we’ll know it was because we used it all up today. Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Antique Road Show!


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  1. * Debbie says:

    Being thrifty is definitely an added bonus when planning a wedding. The items you were able to purchase from your “Epic Day” are awesome. Having such a wonderful friend and bridesmaid like Sandy is such an asset and helps to make planning so much fun.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Chelsi says:

    Definitely – I couldn’t agree more!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  3. * Sandy says:

    Such a great day, Chelsi!
    Let’s get ready for more!


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  4. * Chelsi says:

    This Saturday…fingers crossed for no rain!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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