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When I returned from Mexico and Paul and I announced to everyone that we were engaged, we were bombarded by questions about the upcoming wedding, which I didn’t mind!  Sandy graciously provided me with a list of things that she wished she would have known when planning her OWN wedding, and this advice is like gold!  The following is what she wrote:

Sandra’s Best Wedding  – Advice Take it or Leave It!
This is from years of experience dealing with all the ups and downs of wedding planning and executing.

~ You hold the bride card. You can bring it out whenever you need to – to whoever needs that little reminder! It’s your day!
~ I learned a little too late that there is a difference between the following sentences:
“I like that!” and “I’d like that for my wedding!” Use your words carefully.
~ Instead of choosing one single colour, go with a few different shades of the same colour. You won’t waste time/beautiful opportunities when searching for your one colour.
~ Take a few minutes and write down some words that you want to represent your day. Have your fiancé write their words and compare. When things get carried away, you can always go back to see what the original thoughts were.
~ Instead of buying an expensive wedding planner, buy a binder and clear covers. Dividers help keep categories organized. Anytime you see something you like, add it to the binder. It’s a great way to look back and see where your day came from.
~ Your mother is your best resource. Seriously, you are the bride, but the bride’s mother shines that day, too!
~ Don’t choose your attendants right away…or at least don’t ask them. I’ve seen so many long engagements where friendships change and brides regret the choices they originally made.
~ Your fiancé cares…but doesn’t really. As long as you’re happy, he probably doesn’t need to be included in every tiny detail. I think I drove Nick crazy asking his opinion on all the little things. (Mom’s are good for that!)
~ Photos: make a list of all the different poses you want and who you want in each one. I didn’t do this and completely regret it. I missed a generation photo with my grandma, mom and me…too sad!
~ Get a good photographer…seriously when everything is over, all you have are the pictures. Worth the money here! Don’t be afraid to ask to try a pose/location…you’re paying him!
~ Notebooks on the tables let guests write out their advice/thoughts for you. I took these notebooks on the honeymoon and loved reading them!
~ Cards from wedding gifts: I pasted them into vintage notebooks and tied a ribbon around them…so cute!
~ I have never seen anything stress a bride out than an exact seating plan. I made cards for close family only and everything else worked out fine.
~ It’s all about balance. I really wanted those chair covers…my flowers were simple, so it worked out. Give a little – get a little.
~ Keep your camera/notebook handy! You never know when you’ll get some inspiration.
~ Don’t underestimate the power of dollar stores…if you have the “vision” you’ll be able to find some treasures!
~ Time! Time! Time! If you’ve got it, use it. Michael’s flyers have coupons. I literally used a coupon each week to buy one silk flower at a time for my centerpieces. It saved me a lot!
~ My guest favours were wafers that I made with my mom and grandma. I will never forget what a wonderful baking-day it was. This is super inexpensive if you have a good baker in your family. My guests still talk about the special wedding cookies!
~ At the reception make sure there are vases with water in them for all the bouquets. I’ve seen so many flowers die throughout the evening!
~ You may want to wait for the honeymoon. A few days to take it all in and get a little settled really helped the two of us to get excited for our trip together.
~ Gift opening? We had a lot of out of town guests, so we invited them the next day for a brunch that my mom hosted. We did not open the gifts then. We spent the time visiting with the family that taken time to attend our day. They could leave when they pleased without feeling guilty. After everyone left, we privately opened our gifts…giving our “real” reactions to each one.
~ Earlier I mentioned that you hold the bride card, but sometimes you have to know when to give a little to someone else. I had already ordered the most beautiful wedding cake of my dreams when my mother-in-law-to-be asked me if she could make my cake. She had never made a wedding cake before, but I knew it would mean a lot to her. I cancelled my perfect-cake order and gave it to her. Although it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it, my cake was absolutely perfect.
~ You don’t have to invite everyone! Just because a couple has kids doesn’t mean you must invite them. We only invited the children of families we were close to. We made cute little candy bags with tiny colouring books for each one. They were a hit!
~ Co-workers: you don’t have to invite their spouse! I only invited the teachers I was close to – they came for a girl’s night out without their hubbies.
~ You never know when you’ll be visiting/dancing. I gave a list of my favourite songs to the DJ so that when I did have a chance to hit the floor, he would automatically play my favourite songs. My DJ also faded the song when nobody was dancing…I loved that!
~ Your day…it’s YOUR DAY! Don’t worry about the little details…just be happy and enjoy…relax. Have FUN! Dance the night away! Who cares if something isn’t quite right?

Those of you who are married…do you have any advice that you wish you had known in advance?


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  1. * Debbie says:

    Wow, what wonderful Wedding Advice from Sandy! It is so comprehensive and practical. I especially agree with the tip on not choosing your attendants right away. Unexpected events sometimes transpire regarding bridesmaids and it is not fun.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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